BTFM for mobiles


# logical acquisition using ADB

# use Inportnat.pdf file to get all relative files

adb backup -shared -all

adb shell dumpsys

adb shell dumpsys iphonestubinfo

adb shell dumpsys wifi

adb shell dumpsys usegestat

# ab-extractor for converting ab to tar backup.ab

# logical acquisition using AF Logical OSE

# uses content providers capabilities. Needs dev options enabled


# apk will be installed on the device

# what's the point? Offers to pull MMS, SMS. It's equivalent to backup or man acquisition with adb

# image the Android devices, needs root


dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p12 of=/sdcard/tmp.image

# image memory sdcard

winhex to acquire the image

# analyse the files

Autopsy, choose the correct timezone

# recover deleted files

locate scalpel.conf

sudo chmod 777 /etc/scalpen/scalpel.conf

# uncomment the filetypes you're looking for and save

scalpel [image_file_name] -o [output_folder_name]

Russian Federation, somewhere in Moscow
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