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Long long time ago my HDD "died" and there was so much data on it I'd like to get back... But unfortunately I didn't know how. There were two options back then: get it to a service, pay a huge amount of money with no guarantee or get a course on data recovery myself on the same conditions. With the second option I'd have the knowledge at least. That's how I've got interested in this area. As the years passed, I've realised that there so many areas in information security that one has to choose the main fields of her interest. I've decided to choose something more valuable and more difficult to have some advantage on the job market. One of such areas is data recovery since information is one of the most valuable things nowadays and data loss is one of the most painful as well.

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1. Building a lab on MacBook (Catalina)

2. Windows forensics 

3. Mac OSX forensics 

4. Linux forensics

5. Mobile devices forensics

6. Research itself: personal insights and strategies

Russian Federation, somewhere in Moscow
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